November 2018

             The Board of Opticianry had its final meeting of the year in Weston, on Friday, November 2, 2018.  I was in attendance to keep an eye on what is happening with our profession, and I thought you would be interested in a few things.

             First, the Board addressed the problem of sponsoring opticians who do not keep adequate work records for their apprentices, and/or fail to file termination paperwork in a timely manner. Rather than address this by disciplining or fining the licensee, the Board decided to change the Rule so that it is now the apprentice’s responsibility to keep the work records and file the paperwork.

            Second, beginning in 2020, there will be some fee increases. There are two that most affect front-line opticians: The fee to renew our licenses is increasing by $100. So instead of $135, it will be $235 to renew. Additionally, the Optical Establishment Permit (which is now $100) is being raised to $350.

            Third, the Board took steps to re-evaluate the current NCSORB test for initial licensure. The issue is that the old test had an initial pass rate of over 85%, and the NCSORB test has an initial pass rate of less than 25%. A representative from ABO-NCLE demonstrated their test, and it looks like the Board will be offering it as an alternative to NCSORB sometime in the future.

            Board member, Peggy Slattery, was honored for her long service to opticianry, as her retirement was announced. Peggy has been a friend to me and to Optical Seminars for years, and I join everyone in thanking her for her tireless dedication to the Board and our profession.

            As far as Optical Seminars is concerned, we are in the middle of our year-end Membership Drive. Optical Seminars is offering 40 hours of continuing education (that’s all the CE courses you will need for the next two bienniums: 2019-2020 and 2021-2022) for only $239. That’s less than $6 per credit hour for what some opticians call “the best CE hours I have ever attended!” For more information or to sign up, click HERE.

            All classes and locations for 2019 have been posted on our website. Click HERE to check it out.

            Finally, as 2018 winds down, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope that this holiday season turns out to be the best ever for you and your family.